Monday, July 28, 2014

How To Expand Your Network

I am going to show you how easy it is to expand your network and get your message out there.

All you have to do is learn something new each day.  Implement it's teachings.  And see the results come true.

Today I created a course to show people how to get traffic to their website.

I created a page like this.  (Click HERE to see the page).

And then I sent some traffic to the site using these sources HERE.

I did this around 2:00pm EST and by 6:41pm EST I saw this in my inbox.

I got a signup in one of my programs.  Fifty-one hits went to the site and the signup came from a source called TrafficG.

This is tangible evidence that systems work.

Once you know that you can create a certain result by actions that you previously put into place, then you just repeat those actions in order to produce the same results.

You expand your network by sharing what you have discovered.

expand your network

This is a way to enrich all.

It is important to grow a strong foundation in your network.  This is your Tribe.  This is how we are all connected.  This is success.


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