Friday, September 26, 2014

The Power Of Words...

Our words are very powerful.. and persuasive. Use them wisely.

Words should be used to share knowledge with one another, not force, sell or manipulate each other.

If you are having writers block when writing your autoresponder series try using the "What, Why, How formula".

Let your subscribers know:
  • What it is you are doing to accomplish a particular goal,
  • Why you are doing it
  • and How to accomplish it.

For example (very simplified example for illustration):

So the problem is getting consistent traffic with less surfing...?

You can write something like this...

What it is that we are doing here is leveraging the traffic network that is already set in place by the program AdCoopPays.

Why are we using AdCoopPays?

Because it allows us to consistently get our sites seen across a huge traffic network thus saving us time on surfing,  freeing us up to do more important things like Income Producing Activities (ie. making money)

How do we accomplish this?

By purchasing very affordable Ad Packages for only $10 flat, which gives you over 5000 visits to your site over the next month, plus additional banner and text ads (very responsive advertising).

I highly recommend AdCoopPays to get your site seen 'everywhere' and save time on manual surfing.

It knocks off hours of surfing time for me every day.  It's awesome... Check it out right HERE.

Yours in Mastery,
Angel Valenciano

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