Friday, September 5, 2014

Traffic Exchanges Do NOT Work!

Traffic Exchanges do not work unless you know the Key that will unlock their potential.

10k hits a day!

The following is an excerpt from

The key to using traffic exchanges is understanding that the person will only be viewing your site for 10–20 seconds.

Rather than sending the person to your website, you should be sending them to a specific advertisement designed for traffic exchanges.

Use this advertisement to create curiosity about your site.

The most effective are squeeze pages or splash pages, which have a simple headline, description, and opt-in form for an autoresponder.

Then the surfer can easily type their email address in and receive more information about your product or services at a later time.

A main goal of using traffic exchanges should be to build your personal list of business prospects for now and future endeavors.

Here is page that I advertise in Traffic Exchanges.

It generates 30 to 40 opt ins per day, surfing under an hour a day.

Traffic Exchanges do not work, unless you know the Key.

A page like THIS is the Key that unlocks the potential.

Now that you have it... what will YOU do?
Take Action of course!

Nothing changes until you take action.

Create a splash page like THIS and a capture page like THIS.

You can use the website builder and an autoresponder to accomplish this.

Once you have your pages advertise them in these two responsive Traffic Exchanges.



Surf 100 pages a day consistently and you will begin to build your personal list of subscribers (tribe) who potentially become the people you do business with for now and future endeavors.

Cultivate, learn, teach and connect with your tribe everyday will expand the success and growth for everybody.

Teach your tribe the method outlined here today and watch YOUR business grow... Automatically.

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It's how all of this works. Give and you shall receive. That's good karma ;) 


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