Thursday, September 18, 2014

Updates: 09182014... WARNING! Top Guru Internet Marketing Secrets EXPOSED!!!

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to give you a quick snap shot of where we are at with "Secret Project: X".

I started "Secret Project: X " approximately around June 21, 2014 as a way to show people that it is possible to start a business online, virtually from scratch...

Yes with nothing except a computer, an Internet connection, a gmail account, a paypal account (w/ zero balance),  a bit of inspiration from Mother Earth... and the will & drive to make things happen.   Oh yeah, we cannot forget about the Super Conscious Mind, that is always working for us, if we are open to it.

Within a few hours I was able to use,, and to create my own capture page and product to sell - "How I Make $50 or more everyday with TEs and other PTC sites" . After a week or so of clicking for some seed money in PaidVerts, Clixsense, Neobux, and CashCamel I was able to advertise my product in those same sources plus surf the Top 7 Traffic Exchanges to get some free traffic to my capture page.  This started the process of building my list of click happy PTC users and getting some sales (around 30 to 40 opt ins and around $20 to $25 in sales).

I also added some CPAs and mini-sites to my funnel and offered a few PaySpree products to my list (which added another $15 to $20 in sales).

During this time I started writing a Traffic Network Building Course and created a capture page and followup email series to build a second list (this one targeted to mainly TE users and online marketers who are looking for a way to get more visitors to their sites with less surfing).  Here is the Step 1 in that Course just to give you a sample.

I continued to grow my lists and traffic network by using the traffic sources and reinvesting the earnings to get more traffic.. easy concept don't you think?  People complicate this way too much...

After joining a few surf teams, and continuing to educate myself in the online marketing world through webinars and workshops I continued to grow my business through more referrals and commission sales. And was able to upgrade my free autoresponder to a more robust one that comes as a package with a suite of online marketing tools.

Here is a snap shot of the last couple weeks:

Almost three months into "Secret Project: X" and yes I can say that it is a success.  With that it is time to shift gears and take things up a level.  It a new season and a new vision is in store.  Yes I will and always continue to build traffic and share my techniques with all of you.  This is paramount and believe that all marketers and homebased, online business builders should do on a daily basis.

But it is time to let "Secret Project: X" go and start a new project.  A continuation of sorts. This project is focused on team building and teaching the team to duplicate my results.  This, after all is how the whole cycle works.

Learn > Create > Implement > Test > Get Results > Share/Teach how to get these results to whom ever is willing to learn.  And the cycle continues...

This Project I have dubbed "The New Tribe"... but to the world we will be known as "The Artists Of Life". (This is a little tribute to one of my greatest inspirations, Bruce Lee.)

Here is our banner:

And for now here is our page. The Artists Of Life.

Just like "Secret Project: X" this new project that we are embarking on will be full of learning and application of knowledge, with the sole purpose of teaching those that are willing to learn...

Are You Ready?


Good, Because WE ARE! and we're coming strong and growing by the day.

Surfs up and, enjoy the ride!

Angel Valenciano

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