Friday, October 10, 2014

You don't need your sponsor as much as you THINK you do...

A sponsor is there to help point you in the right direction.

Not to hold your hand and to fix any and every issue you come across in your path to success. You MUST take initiative in YOUR business and try to find solutions to your questions.

Between Google, YouTube, training provided by your company and team and looking how other successful marketers promote their business, you should be able to get your answers.

Don't look to your sponsor to always get the quick answers as this will hinder you becoming a leader because you are essentially not LEARNING and not experiencing.

We can teach others through our EXPERIENCE! So stop being lazy minded and search for the answers. If something is not working, then make the necessary tweaks to make it work. If this is something that you cannot do, then this may not be the industry for you and that's fine.

Now if you want more attention from your sponsor, then you need to get RESULTS!! This way shows that you're serious about your business and any sponsor is more than willing to help those that truly want it and show up daily in their business.

Those are just my thoughts.. comment and like below what your thoughts are and share to those who need to read this.

Yours in Mastery,

Angel Valenciano

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