Monday, July 28, 2014

How To Expand Your Network

I am going to show you how easy it is to expand your network and get your message out there.

All you have to do is learn something new each day.  Implement it's teachings.  And see the results come true.

Today I created a course to show people how to get traffic to their website.

I created a page like this.  (Click HERE to see the page).

And then I sent some traffic to the site using these sources HERE.

I did this around 2:00pm EST and by 6:41pm EST I saw this in my inbox.

I got a signup in one of my programs.  Fifty-one hits went to the site and the signup came from a source called TrafficG.

This is tangible evidence that systems work.

Once you know that you can create a certain result by actions that you previously put into place, then you just repeat those actions in order to produce the same results.

You expand your network by sharing what you have discovered.

expand your network

This is a way to enrich all.

It is important to grow a strong foundation in your network.  This is your Tribe.  This is how we are all connected.  This is success.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

How I Made My First Ten Bucks Online

As the title of this blog post says...  This is how I made my first $10 online.

I simply sent traffic to this site HERE.  And these were the traffic sources I used right HERE.

The lesson learned is do not over complicate things.  Making money online is as simple as sending targeted traffic to an offer that converts.

And that's it.  Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

Make sure to keep up to date with my blog using the form on the right.

I will be sharing more ways to grow your traffic network and profit from it too.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Places To Advertise Any Website For Cheap!

I have been a successful online marketer for years now with my primary focus being on providing high quality, affordable advertising options / resources for my fellow online marketers.

Over the years I've seen many "get rich quick" schemes and scams and an equal amount of so called "traffic generating" systems ... Expensive ones I may ad!

Today, I bring you a list I've found that provides POWERFUL ADVERTISING sources for little to no money at all .... 

Small investment, BIG RETURNS! Bang for the buck advertising that produces real results and return on investment! 

Most of these ad spots are lifetime memberships and guaranteed visitors to the websites of your choice so, Get your website, message, and link out there!

This is low cost advertising, most are just $4.99 to $20 for lifetime memberships which means
you can always go back and post your ads as much as you like for the rest of your life! You can also make money with these sites as most have affiliate, reseller options that pay instant commissions directly to you!

I DO NOT and WILL NOT promote or recommend "junk" and this is NO EXCEPTION to that rule! 

Guaranteed REAL TRAFFIC and VISITORS for pennies ..... It does not get any better than this people!  Of course, if you need more long term, targeted advertising I can assist you with that also but, I strongly encourage you to take a look at this "bang for the buck" systems today! 

Join one or join them all!
Minimal investment for HUGE returns!

just be you

Living successfully isn't tied to having money, fame, gold, material things or anything external.

It's about being "whole within", it's about knowing no matter what happens around you or to you.

You will be Great. Not just ok or good. But GREAT!

This comes from tapping into your true-self, this comes from living with faith and hope. This comes from being ok with who you and who you aren't. This comes from being YOU!
Peace, aV.

One of the most important lessons learned

Monday, July 21, 2014

Important Work

On some level, I think, we all want to do work that's important. Work that will impact someone, tug at their heartstrings, change their lives, and hopefully in a positive way.

I've always wanted to do this kind of work, at least. To produce something that would allow someone to see the world from another point of view, and to question those unquestionables in their lives that they otherwise might never notice. To make someone smile when they're feeling down, and to make them feel liberated when they're feeling stuck.

Over the years, I've come to realize that not all important work has to be groundbreaking journalism, science that cures diseases and puts robots on other celestial bodies, or infusions of resources to social programs. Sometimes the right word, spoken at the right time, can have vital importance to a person hearing it. Sometimes a story told can change their life trajectory, even if the pivot is a small one at first.

One of the best things about doing what I do for a living is getting to hear from the people who read my work. This is something that authors from almost any other time period wouldn't have been able to enjoy on the same scale, and I'm incredibly thankful for the feedback loop the internet provides in this respect. Hearing from people who have changed their lives for the better because they were exposed to an idea you proposed or a story you told is's really one of the most satisfying, gratifying feelings ever.

And, of course, one can be exposed to such things without recognizing that both the messenger and the message are what make the latter function. Telling stories like I do, and living life like I do, and having the background that I have, allows me to do the work I love so much.

Keeping that in mind, though, there are people who I'll never reach. People for whom my story and background and voice aren't compelling, even if the message might be something they'd be interested in. And this is another reason the internet is such a valuable community: it allows anyone and everyone to speak and be heard.

Consider that, and consider what you might say; what you might want others to know about. Consider who you might reach — people who would listen to you, but not myself, or others. And consider what a responsibility this is, but also what an amazing gift. What an incredible opportunity to do important work.

Then start speaking.

It makes up the stuff of this Universe

We are all a part of the Super Consciousness.

Some may call it the Collective Consciousness.

Whatever you call it, it makes up the stuff of this Universe.

We give our thoughts and it reflects back.

Our job is to become inspired, create and give back.

Your creations then in turn inspire others for their creations.

This is how the Super Consciousness learns about itself and continues to expand.
One Love

Keep it simple

Why try to over complicate things?

In this crazy world of online marketing there is information overload.

I found what works best are the simple things.

I have been testing out a few capture pages lately and I realized is that the simplest (and possibly the ugliest) pages work.

THIS ONE for example is converting at an alarming rate.

I drive some traffic to it using THESE SOURCES and I get a handful of opt ins a day like clockwork.

HERE is another one that is simple but effective.
So what is the lesson?

Keep it simple.

Take actions everyday to grow your network.

Learn something new and share it with the world.

We are one.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's the Summer Slowdown but one Program is Outperforming the Others!

Well we have entered the Summer, school is out
and it's hot!

The summer months have notoriously been slow for Internet Marketers.
In my 15 years online it has always had that nature but that doesn't mean
you can't make money.

People are always asking me what is working for me, especially
during this slow time.

I am always joining new sites but that does not always mean I
promote everything I join.  Much of what I join I never promote...just use
it to advertise my top performing programs.

Here is one program that continues to produce for me.  I encourage
you to join this one.  It's a good solid program with a great owner:

1. Global Ad Share.

This has been my top performer for over 9 months.
I have made over $8,000.00 here by just purchasing some Ad Packs
which start at only $5.00.  The Ad Pack makes you 150% profit and when
they mature I use that money to purchase more.  I now have 204 active Ad
Packs which make me 30.00 to 50.00 a day. This is Passive Income which means
you don't have to surf, advertise or even refer anyone to make
money.  Great honest Admin who pays within 3 days of requests. Over 25,000
members and have paid out over 3.5 million dollars.

Highly Recommended


If you have been struggling the last couple of months, don't
despair or quit.

This is a normal slow-down and usually picks back up in September
when school starts again.

Focus on just a few proven and performing programs during this time
and you should do fine.

Water can wear away rock by persistence

07:20:2014 - Captain's Log

There is always room to expand.

Better yourself everyday.
Learn. Apply. Teach.

Flowing water never grows stale.

Start with planting a seed.
an idea
and nourish it.

Watch it grow.

Take ACTION everyday.
Get Inspired.

then take MORE ACTION.

Keep moving.

Keep close on results.
but remember that is only lighting
up the path along the way.

Go now...

May the Force be with You!