Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quick and painless today!

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Angel "The Master Ninjaneer" Valenciano

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rude Boy Marketing is born!

Heya Marks!

Here is an excerpt of one of the Community Skype Chats that I am a member of.

I go on to teach my new friend 'rockyjohnson' the importance of list building ...

Enjoy this uncut Skype Swipe and learn some stuff!

To earn with cashsurfingnetwork I would create a capture page with an offer on it saying that you will train others on how to make money with cashsurfingnetwork...  Give a way your free guide in exchange for them to opt into your capture page and get them on your autoresponder... then create a 5 to 7 day email series that outlines how to signup to the cashsurfing network and how you effieciently surf the sites in csn... offer your list evergreen tools that can help them build their csn business such as autoresponders, trackers, and other advertising platforms such as kore4 and training platfoms ... over a month or two of offering value to your list you will begin to see referrals, signups and sales ... easily like clockwork... and all the while you will be building your list (or should I say your customer and client base... and future business partners)  ... I hope this helps.. this is how I make money with programs like csn. :)
[3:48:31 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Nice Tip Angel, Thanks
[3:49:34 AM] Angel Valenciano: no probs 'rockyjohnson' <<< love that name!
[3:49:53 AM] Angel Valenciano: you can use this tip to build c t p and other 'biz op' programs too
[3:49:55 AM] Angel Valenciano: :)
[3:50:38 AM] Angel Valenciano: if people focus on this tip they would see results within a month or two... instead of 6 or 12 if you just promote straight affiliate links
[3:51:05 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Have not tried it, but will definately now try to build up lists
[3:51:22 AM] Angel Valenciano: people can start using csn... two of the affiliate pages in the back office are actually capture forms
[3:51:40 AM] Angel Valenciano: and I've gotten great results using them in easy hits 4 u
[3:52:01 AM] Angel Valenciano: to build my list... I actually started out using that before I was able to get my own tools :)
[3:52:23 AM] Angel Valenciano: building your list is the very first thing you should concentrate on when starting anything online
[3:52:53 AM] Angel Valenciano: just think WALMART, APPLE, NIKE and even McDonalds' buildes their email lists
[3:53:10 AM] Angel Valenciano: if the 'big boy's do it then so should you :)
[3:53:26 AM] Angel Valenciano: building a list is like building your very own 'safelist/mailer'
[3:53:38 AM] Angel Valenciano: 98% of my sales comes from my list
[3:53:46 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Thats Great
[3:53:56 AM] Angel Valenciano: .001% come from straight affiliate links.
[3:54:17 AM] Mircea Nicula: how can I turn off the sounds from conferrences please?
[3:54:20 AM] Angel Valenciano: at least this is my results.. One must test and try things and see what works for them and their time and budget
[3:54:22 AM] Mircea Nicula: is so damn annoying
[3:55:27 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Hello Mircea, have no idea how to mute
[3:55:53 AM] Angel Valenciano: Before I start sounding like a smart a** and get into trouble I will say that I did not come up with the concept of list buildiiing... I'm sure the csn'ers and ctp'ers have been doing this way before me ... so I will give them credit and say that I learned it from them and just passing one the knowledge :)
[3:56:25 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Still Thanks for you advice
[3:56:45 AM] Rahul Taneja (rockyjohnson): Are there any free autoresponders to start with?

I go on to teach my friend rockyjohnson ... Go HERE for full details >>>

Peace. Love. Namaste.

Angel Valenciano

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tons of new stuff!

Hey All,

It's been a while since I posted here. I got to say that we have come a long way.

I'm pretty happy at where things have gone.  This Universe of ours is such a beautiful place to learn, and create, and grow and share.

I will make this real quick today...

Check out what we've been up to HERE.


Angel Valenciano
Master Manifestor and Ninjaneer.

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