Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Powerful Message From Anji Long

Hey Everyone,

I just want to share a post from my beautiful friend Anji Long.

She always has a super smooth way of explaining the simple fundamentals of online marketing (and marketing and business building in general).


Smart marketers, diversify their income without spreading themselves too thin.
Since the day I came online I created multi income streams in "essential tools" - auto responders, capture pages, domains ... these are tools all marketers use and will never cancel... so long as they continue working online.
These also result in guaranteed monthly residuals, no matter what!
I stressed this to everyone that joined any of my teams... so they could effectively build and create the same income streams without creating a major distraction.
When I first came online, I got myself 30k in debt through investing in every biz opp under the sun... once I was down to my last dollar... I made sure I only kept my essential tools and one opportunity.
Once I began to grow again I incorporated other affiliate products (non- autoship ones) and made sure I never had multiple streams of autoships just multiple streams of income smile emoticon
I was never a preacher of "one income stream", just one biz opp.
Doesn't matter what happens to your biz opp if your entire team (or ex-team) still uses the tools you recommended as they move on.
Now the big picture... putting your own system together allows you to house everything in one place. All your essential tools (income streams) and a step by step process for those following in your foot steps.
We're working smart... you should be too.


If you are a Master Observer and follow in the footsteps of people who have walked The Path before you; Towards the income and Lifestyle goals you desire then it makes this online business building Journey as simple as Connecting the Dots, Drawing the Lines, Filling in The Blanks and finally... Just Walking.

Peace. Namaste.

Angel Valenciano

PS. If you want to learn more from my friend Anji (and her boyfriend Ben) then feel free to Visit their site HERE.